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Program design need and resources: Evidence, average score (Indicator)


Evidence and assessment for a delivered program. This indicator is one component of the Program design need and resources indicator.

Each question should be reviewed individually to identify areas of strength and growth opportunities.


  • Is there evidence that this program can effectively change behavior?
  • Does the program provide a way to assess how well the activities are being delivered (e.g., a detailed program checklist that describes the important elements)?


Alternate names:

Short name
Program evidence

Outcome Areas


This set of questions is adapted from Kaiser Permanente's Strategy Selection Checklist, which is designed to help implementers decide on the most effective community health strategies. LogicalOutcomes revised the form to make it more relevant to human service agencies. The form has not been validated as a measurement tool, but can be used by agencies as a simple way to gauge community need and program evidence. 

Calculation rules

Computation Rule:

A score should be given for each of the data elements to review strengths and weaknesses.





Adapted with permission from:

Kaiser Permanente. Strategy selection checklist. Accessed October 1, 2017.

Center for Community Health and Evaluation. “Healthy Dose: A Toolkit for Boosting the Impact of Community Health Strategies; version 1.1.”, co-developed with Kaiser Permanente:


Additional Attributes

Slot name Type Value Similar


Data collection

Surveys and interviews

Inputs and outputs

Program design

Inputs and outputs

Organizational capacity

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